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More Than Bread


More than Bread Website screenshot  More Than Bread profiles various workshops available to charitable and NGO working globally. Many groups are meeting the physical needs of people who have had their lives displaced, disrupted, or destroyed by conflicts around the world. The individuals behind More than Bread will endeavor to reach the whole person by equipping helpers with tools required to convey healing, providing direction so that distressed individuals may begin to find the journey back to wholeness – psychological and spiritual well-being.

More Than Bread will also help ‘those that help others’ deal with their own emotional distress and turmoil that they may find themselves wading through unexpectedly. Their own mission to better the world around them jeopardized, by their human limitations against a task so overwhelmingly large.

More Than Bread strives to touch the people who’s world of trauma is filled with helplessness. We attempt to create a domino effect by equipping helpers to convey hope and help to the emotionally hurting people in our world.

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