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Group‑analytic Music Therapy Paper


Group‑analytic music therapy

Ahonen-Eerikainen, Heidi (2002)


This paper will focus on the practical application of the group–analytic music therapy model I developed during my group–analytic training in 1995–1999 (Ahonen–Eerikäinen 1999) and discuss and illustrate how dreams and musical images can be used as a pathway to the unconscious levels of the group matrix. The theoretical approach of the group–analytic music therapy model is based on the group–analytic theories developed by Foulkes (1964, 1984, 1990), Kreeger(1991), Kennard (2000), Pines (1991), Dalai (1998), Salmmen (1997) and Dalai (1998). The music therapy methods include receptive music listening and imagination (Bruscia 2000; Bonny 1975; Ahonen–Eerikäinen 1996, 1997a, 1997b), referential and non–referential improvisation (Bruscia 1987, 1998ab; Pavlicevic 1997) and integrated art and music therapy methods (Ahonen–Eerikäinen 1994).


Ahonen-Eerikainen, Heidi (2002) Group‑analytic music therapy. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. 11(1), 48‑54.