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Jerusalem International Integrative Medicine Conference, Israel. May 13-18, 2012


Low Frequency Sound Treatment Promoting Physical and Emotional Relaxation – Qualitative Study


Low frequency sound has many applications to medicine but the efficacy and effectiveness of low frequency sound treatment in health prevention remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to explore the perspectives and potentials of physioacoustic chair’s low frequency sound treatment when applied to daily activities among a sample of music students, faculty and/or staff, and to examine how participants view the benefits of the intervention for their well-being, health and health-related activities. The results show that the physioacoustic low frequency treatment added to participants’ subjective well-being by increasing their physical and emotional relaxation level, decreasing pain and stress, and increasing emotional enrichment and concentration. The study served as a pilot, to confirm stakeholder interest and to inform the feasibility of a larger study.